Buried In Snow

Digital Character Artist & Illustrator
Anya or Snow is an Australian based artist living in Tasmania- Australia's Largest island.
Growing up with an avid interest in History and Art it only makes sense that the two would mix, While Military history remains the largest influence and subject matter of her artwork, Fantasy and Character creation remain a consistent theme.Artist & Art Co-ordinator for Taspop Tasmania

**Some Military depictions that may be shown are entirely fictional and are not based on Real people.

Ready to Commission? or Just have a question?
No matter what social media you may or may not have, I'm easily reachable
Just send me a Message on any of my Social media. or opt to send an Email, ill be sure to get back to you within 24hours

Please only contact me in regards to Commissions, Conventions/Trader invitations or Commercial agreements.At this time i am not accepting unpaid work, please do not contact me in regards to exposure or "Paid on project completion"

What to include when you DM me

If you are looking to Commission;
-Send any Reference images you have Excluding NSFW examples
-Specify what kind of Commission you are looking for
-Let me know what kind of turnaround time you are looking at (please note for fast turnaround time prices may increase)
-What is your currency (so i can quote in yours for easy understanding)
-Are you looking for Commercial rights/ Will it be used publicly for either profit/non profit creative purposes (Novel/album covers)
If you have a different Inquiry;
Please simply explain your question/inquiry in detail so i can best try to help you.
- if your inquiry is referring to Pricing in your currency, please include your local currency
-If your inquiry is regarding payment plans, please note at least 25% or $50USD (whichever is higher) is the minimum first deposit before any work commences


Prices & Examples

Prices on Commissions are subject to change without noticePayment Via PaypalPrices listed are in USD|AUD, please contact me for Prices in other currency'sAll commissions are subject to my Terms of service

Character Art

Artwork for your existing characters, From D&D To character Concepts

SizeFlat Colour USDFull Render USDFlat Colour AUDFull Render AUD

Prices reflect based on Low to Medium character detail, Complex characters/ posing may incur extra costs.all commissions come with 2 revisions (Changes to lineart after confirmation will incur a fee)
*any changes made because of my error are free

Build a Reference sheet

Additional Fee's may apply for complex characters, this spreadsheet should only be used to estimate a cost and is not a definitive priceat least 2 items minimum
Prices do not include custom character fee's

Add;Flat colour USDRendered USDFlat colour AUDRendered AUDMax QTY
Half body$80.00$90.00$90.00$100.004
Display slots$20.00$30.00$30.00$40.0010
Text box/BioFreeFreeFreeFree2

*Display slots Refer to Closeups of any part of the character, Props, Food, Weapons or accessories,Extra Fee's may apply to super complex items/Tattoos

Character designs/ Customs

Original Character designs, Bringing your characters to life ready for your next Novel, Videogame or D&D Campaign

TypeFlat colour USDRendered USDFlat colour AUDRendered AUD
Single fullbody$150.00$190.00$190.00$240.00
Front & Back$260.00$320.00$320.00$390.00
Re-design services$130.00$160.00$160.00$220.00

All packs will require you to supply either a character description or inspiration images;
Failure to supply will add a Design fee
Revisions of design are only accepted at the Sketch & Lineart stages (colours can be changed to suit and will not be included in revisions) to Change the design after this will incur a fee
*any changes made because of my error are free


See your characters come to life, sizable to fit that new PC 3 screen build or a cover for your novel
Hand drawn Backgrounds & 3D Rendered backgrounds Available

All packs will require you to supply either a character description or inspiration images;
Failure to supply will add a Design fee
Revisions of design are only accepted at the Sketch & Lineart stages (colours can be changed to suit and will not be included in revisions) to Change the design after this will incur a fee
*any changes made because of my error are free

Illustrations are based on a quote, i cannot give flat rates as it will depend on Details provided
Please Contact me to get a quote
3D and Hand drawn backgrounds are available


It's the clients responsibility to fully read and understand my Terms of Service, Neglect to do so does not exempt you from the agreement.

  • Payment is Received upfront of at least 50% of the value not including Tips, The remaining 50% is payable at any stage after confirmation of sketch (Only after the full amount has been paid will un-watermarked copy’s be supplied).

  • Additional Fees can be applied to any commission and are payable upfront; For Fee's that occur midway through a commission they are payable before work continues if Remaining balance has already been paid.

  • The Signature/Base watermark comes standard on all artwork and will not be removed; Removing or cropping my signature is not allowed.

  • The original Files with individual layers will not be supplied under any circumstances, if you wish Transparent copies of any commissions i am happy to supply these free of charge.

  • Commissioning another artist to edit or change my artwork is not allowed and may cause you to be blacklisted in the future.

  • Prices do not Include commercial rights, Commercial rights are required for the usage of my works for profit of any kind (e.g.; Monitised Social media (youtube/Tiktok etc) Game/comic/story characters, online or physical stickers, Merchandise etc)

  • The Client is responsible to have properly looked at and ensured they are happy with my style and that I fit their project as well as confirming all progress to ensure the finished product is perfect.

  • Client is to prepare all necessary references & Details required before contacting me for a commission.

  • all Character art & illustration prices are based on supplied character designs- Custom Characters will need to be paid for separately and done in advance. (See Customs)

  • It is the Clients responsibility to check or Ask about the current PayPal Exchange rates to confirm prices in their own currency before committing to the commission.

  • Prices are all listed in USD and will be invoiced as such

  • It's the clients responsibility to check and confirm any set completion dates prior to payment to ensure it can be done, Extra fee's may apply for rushed jobs [Artists should be allowed to do things at their own pace as to ensure the best quality received]

  • Purchasing a commission/Design for the sole purpose of selling is not allowed, my art is not to be used for NFT's.

  • No refunds are offered after the sketch has been approved.

  • I/Artist hold the rights to use the artwork as examples for future potential commissioners, And to upload to social media held by Buried In Snow. (this may include a Time-lapse video or a single print for use at Conventions)

  • Any tips or Extra compensation during or after a commission will be treated as a donation and are non-refundable.

  • Clients will receive 4 base stage updates (at Sketch, Line art, Colour & then completion) At any time you are able to ask for an update.

  • "Ghosting" or Clients abandoning a commission/cutting contact will immediately void the commission; however are not refundable.

  • Clients Purchasing Character designs custom made by me will receive all rights to the character, however profit from this character is subject to commercial rights; Sales of any Designs/Adopts need to either be of value of the commission unless extra art has been included.

  • All payments are made via PayPal Invoices; upon which this ToS will be agreed upon.

  • The Final product will be sent either via Email or Drive, No physical item will be shipped unless otherwise agreed upon, this includes Garments, Prints & Stickers.

  • I Hold the right to refuse or refund & Close any commission I feel uncomfortable with, I do not require justification or to explain specific reasoning. Abuse or harassment will be treated seriously and be reported to appropriate authorities.

These Terms are Subject only to personal use - Please contact me for Public use terms.